Solar tunnel dryer

Rufepa has developed from his engineering department a greenhouse tunnel that it is now a tested solution for drying coffee and other spices in tropical countries.

After receiving the order from one of our customer of developing a solar tunnel dryers and following their suggestions and reports we designed a greenhose tunnel using free and clean energy such us sun and wind.

Provided with rotary fans and solar fans, tunnels can drecrease the humidity rate of coffee bean from 65% to 11% in a shorter period of time compared to drying coffee in open field tables. The big advantage of this tunnels are:

  • Saving of labour work.
  • Better quality coffee.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Non electricity requirement.
  • Shorten of drying period.

Though our tunnels are successful for coffee drying, they are also feasible for drying other spices.

Our product reference: PTSD


Image gallery

tunnel dryer rufepa 3
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