Thermal Screen: Inside

Rufepa includes in many of their projects for greenhouses the installation of different options of Thermal Screen from different providers.

Use and functions of the thermal screen can be very different. The right selection of the model of Thermal Screen depends on the type of crop to be produced, the existing equipment inside the greenhouse and of course the weather condition in the greenhouse location.

There are two main application for thermal screens:

  • Energy savings screens.
  • Shadow screens.

The right decission of the screen will provide the customer different but complementary advantages, such us higher production, better quality and energy savings.

Use of thermal screen is linked to the management through the climate control system. Climate varietys such us humidity, light and temperature are altogheter linked and if the climate control system have not the right screen result will not be the expected.

For opening and closing the screen system we have two main systems:

- Rack and pinion system.

- Push - pull system.

Image gallery

Rufepa Thermal Screen 2
Thermal Screen Rufepa 1

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