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Firma Contrato Egipto
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In El Cairo, Egypt, last 24th of January 2017, after several months of negotiations, it was signed a contract between Rufepa and the Egyptian National Service Products Organization (NSPO) for the delivery of 205 has of greenhouses

NSPO is in charge of the development of the protected agriculture in Egypt. This is a national priority now in Egypt and a friendly agreement has been reached between both parts to help it can be made as soon as possible.

The signed contract includes different level of greenhouses technologies, including not only structure but also, screening systems, irrigation systems, drainage collection and UV disinfection, air heating system, high and low pressure fog-systems, recirculation fans, harvesting manual and electrical trolleys, growing gutters, coco-peat and other parts.

This contract is not only for the supply of greenhouse materials, but also includes the assistance for the assembly supervision, growing supervision and commercialization in export markets and a cooperation for transference of know-how for greenhouses manufacturing. It’s a very well organized project which will help to increase strongly the collaboration between Spain and Egypt and will help to develop agrarian production areas in Egypt.

The time schedule agreed for the implementation of the project is very tight for such a big surface, but both parts will make their best to fulfill the compromises signed in the contract


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